Writing an apology song the decemberists

There he met Nate Query, who introduced Meloy to Jenny Conlee they had played together in the band Calobo and the three scored a silent film together.

Writing an apology song the decemberists

In Ireland both sides and Britainit is considered extremely offensive, when using this term, to not speak of it with a capital "T".

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You say "the troubles", they say the Troubles. At its peak, you could get shot for walking down the street holding the wrong flag. Hell, flag or no flag, you could be beaten by goons with crowbars just for getting on a bus.

And there are still many parts of Northern Ireland that blatantly display either the Union Jack or the Irish Tricolour, and have its colours on bunting and painted on their kerbs.

Lasting between andthe Troubles refers to a period of low-intensity but constant war in Northern Ireland, which sometimes overflowed into Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland, and occasionally continental Europe.

This was a time when the Irish Republicans, mostly Roman Catholic and of native Irish descent, fought paramilitary Ulster Loyalists, mostly Protestant i. The actual citizenry and armed forces of the Republic of Ireland mostly stayed out of it.

writing an apology song the decemberists

The fact that it was Catholics vs. Protestants is remarked on by Tom Clancy in one of the Jack Ryan novels by noting that "Northern Ireland is one of the safest places to be a Jew.

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Of course, there are other titles: On the other hand, it's not uncommon for someone to become a "Republican Unionist" i. There was also a small minority of nationalists who wanted to restore a descendent of the Irish High Kings to the throne. Yes, this really is one of those conflicts, happening right around the corner.

It is a reasonably popular setting for media as it was one of the extremely few industrialized places in the world that saw white Christians with Gaelic and Anglo-Saxon names going full partisan against each other and a good place to source Western Terrorists from, even today.

That British security services got into some shady dealings, factual or fictional e. Expect knee-capping and bad Irish accents. If an organization is listed as simply "the IRA" in anything set after The '70sthen it refers to the Provisional Irish Republican Army, or "Provos", as they are often called the IRA "proper", though not actually the oldest group with that name.

There are several splinter groups and fictional ones are often invented for movies. While violent, as conflicts go, one might think it was fairly low-key, with an official body count of 3, with another non-combat British military deaths, for a total of 4, Still, the Ulster conflict was nothing extraordinary in Europe of the time as terrorist organizations of all sorts of ideological backgrounds thrived in Germany, Italy, Spain and France as well and its scale was infinitely limited when compared to the likes of the Yugoslav ethnic cleansings of the s and thus we can make a legitimate case that had it not been for the strong Irish presence in the American entertainment industry, the Troubles would never have won today's prominence and recognizability.

The vast majority of the British Army ended up doing tours in Northern Ireland, and this has created its own body of literature see below. Not to be confused with the even more violent all-island fighting ofalso sometimes called the "Troubles" but more properly known as the War of Independence, seen in such films as Michael CollinsThe Wind That Shakes the Barley and Ryan's Daughter — a fairly popular setting in its own right.

It was this conflict that resulted in the creation of the Irish Free State which eventually became the Republic of Ireland. The Irish National Army is from that period too. Due to large numbers of Irish immigrants and their descendants in the USA about ten times as much as there are back in the Emerald Islethe American media often saw the Troubles through a slightly green-tinted lens.

As such, while seldom explicit, the image of the noble Irish freedom fighter struggling against the stuffy and occasionally baby - eating British establishment does pervade some films. Purely villainous groups of terrorists are often said to belong to some fictional ultra-violent Renegade Splinter Factionin an attempt to avoid political controversy.

The Troubles are pretty much over now, with the IRA having effectively ceased to function, although there are still occasional flareups, and sectarian violence, largely unrelated to the conflict, still rears its ugly head.

Also, a lot of former IRA men are now involved in drug rings, partly because smuggling guns during that period turned out to be rather good training for drug running.

You can find a short history of the conflict in this folder: The Sordid History of the Troubles It is likely that, but for want of compromise and moderation on both sides, the Troubles might never have become what they were; like that other long-running dispute people get heated up about to this dayit treads the fine line between tragedy and farce.

As the sorry narrative shows, there's clearly a shortage of level heads in the Six Counties — history records few conflicts guided so much by passion and prejudice and so little by reason or to be perfectly blunt: The Troubles has its roots in The Irish Revolution.

At the end of the aforementioned war, the United Kingdom decided to divide Ireland between an independent state for the predominantly Roman Catholic south and a constituency of the Union for the six Protestant-dominated counties to the north, even as this proved unpopular to either side, which wanted the entirety of Ireland for their respective political entities.

For the next forty years, the loyalists alone ruled Northern Ireland, while the Catholic minority was largely excluded from public life by snobbery, poverty and bigotry.

The Union government, happy to be finally shorn of The Irish Questionwashed its hands of the affair, and this system persisted for years. Up until The '60sBelfast had a wide latitude which it often abused.General CommentOn Sunday night (June 27th, ) the Decemberists played a show at the Great American Music Hall.

Prior to this song, Colin explained how this was, indeed, a true story. Prior to this song, Colin explained how this was, indeed, a true story. The Annotated Decemberists No. 6: “The Apology Song” Posted on November 22, by Bill Perhaps no band’s lyrics better lend themselves to pseudo-academic analysis than those of The Decemberists.

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Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Examples (Artist Specific, Alphabetical Order) The Rahman song, "Khwaja Mere Khwaja", by Jodha Akbar (the first minute might be a little grating to western ears).Even though it isn't necessarily sad, it can make one cry tears of sentimentality.

Colin Meloy owed me an apology.

writing an apology song the decemberists

He blurted it out right away after ringing me up a few minutes late for our phone interview last month. Cell reception is terrible, he explained, on the farm south.

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