The pursuit of happyness a short

Swinging through the Wall Street Jungle. By John Rolfe and Peter Troob. Many a starry-eyed megalomaniac has followed the siren song of Wall Street. Money, prestige, and power await them as they waltz off into the promised land

The pursuit of happyness a short

Find out even more about the game by trawling through the archives From day one there have always been calls to bring my brand of trash-talking fisticuffs to the streets. However, since I'm in no position to create the epic cities of Grand Theft Auto, I've always envisaged keeping the criminality behind bars.

The recent success of shows like Oz and Prison Break has proved that there's plenty of drama when testosterone-fuelled characters interact The pursuit of happyness a short close quarters!

It's a theme that my wrestling games have been capitalizing on for the past 6 years, so let's see how it pans out on a larger scale than ever before Welcome To The Jungle As you may have gathered, this game takes place in the confines of a prison - but it's no ordinary prison!

Southtown Correctional Facility is an experimental jail that specializes in short doses of "hard" time. Its inhabitants are locked up for a matter of months rather than years, but rehabilitation comes thick and fast courtesy of a strict and violent regime.

The game plunges your customized character into this world and challenges you to guide him through to his release. What ensues is an amalgamation of practically every game I've ever made! The survival concept of Wrecked returns to form the backbone, the fighting gameplay and improved visuals of World War Alpha put meat on the bones, and the deal is sealed with the RPG-style character building and conversation-driven storylines of the sports games.

All of which fuse together to produce the biggest, deepest, and most visually appealing project yet Plastic Population This game's heritage is more important than most. Although the idea of a prison simulator had been on my mind for some time, it wasn't remotely possible until World War Alpha gave us more characters onscreen.

Depending on what your computer can handle, Hard Time features up to inmates lurking around the prison building - dozens of which could be onscreen at any given time! Despite using the same low-poly models, they actually look quite good too - thanks to the high resolution textures that are now the standard.

Plus the inmates have more freedom to express themselves than you'd expect - as the standard overalls can be worn either baggy or tight, long sleeve or short sleeve, and even stripped down to a t-shirt, vest, or bare chest!

In fact, the characterization is so robust that the game has the confidence to generate its own each and every time! Instead of the same preset characters, you get a whole new selection of inmates and wardens to get to know - from their appearances down to their vital statistics and identities Cell Division Not only do the characters look better than ever, but the prison itself has required some advancements of its own.

The scores of inmates are scattered across 4 separate prison blocks North, South, East, and West - each of which consist of 2 storeys of 10 cells linked by a huge staircase and balcony.

Despite its inherent simplicity, this concrete jungle is actually the most sophisticated piece of architecture that I've ever had to contend with. Carefully slotting all the cells together and sealing them behind bars was a logistical nightmare - so much so that the game couldn't afford for them to be kitted out with anything more than the beds and a few lockers!

Fortunately, this is one location that isn't supposed to look appealing - so I could get away with murder pun intended Let There Be Light More stimulating surroundings can be found elsewhere.

In addition to the 4 prison blocks, there are 7 additional novelty locations - a large "Main Hall" that lies at the heart of the building, an outdoor "Exercise Yard" where you can improve your body, a "Study" where you can expand your mind, a "Workshop" where you can make things, a "Hospital" where you can keep your health in check, a "Bathroom" where you can get some privacy, and a "Canteen" where you can eat.

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Moving from one location to another simply involves walking repeatedly against the relevant door - although some loading is required as in Wrecked to help the game cope. It's worth waiting for this time though!

The pursuit of happyness a short

The scenery in this game boasts more attention to detail than ever before, and ensures that each room is better than anything you've seen in previous games.

Not least because there's a new lighting system that actually emits light from the various bulbs and fittings rather than using one all-encompassing source like the sunHappyness was released in , 8 years before this review. I remember the trailers for it back then and I remember thinking "oh great another rags to riches story this time starring Will Smith, he must be trying to get an Oscar nod.

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Professional design, without the. [email protected]: Hard Time: Early Previews Find out even more about the game by trawling through the archives From day one there have always been calls to bring my brand of .

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