The awful truth there are more drug dealers in the us than there are dentists

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The awful truth there are more drug dealers in the us than there are dentists

I cannot believe this situation has come to this, all the while the anti-opioid lobby is attacking the wrong people for the wrong issue and achieving the opposite results. Instead of rethinking the whole mess, they just make harsher, stricter and more unrealistic demands upon the chronic pain community.

The definition of insanity in this case becomes the definition of greed. PROP and Phoenix House are deliberately sabotaging the rights of chronic pain patients to reap the rewards of government subsidized rehabilitation for addiction centers currently suffering financially.

The biggest issue, besides a government agency being used for the self serving needs of the greedy, is the fact that their is no rehab for chronic pain. Just because someone is no longer physically dependant on a medication that provided them some semblance of quality of life, does not mean they no longer have their chronic pain issues.

Having been through many, too many, modalities, before being prescribed opioids for my numerous chronic pain conditions, I can tell you that taking away the only thing that helps me be able to have any life at all, is not an improvement. We are pain patients, not drug addicts, and both groups of people need help, but not court mandated help.

Medically supervised and individualized help. Kim Miller 2 years ago Mary s Agree, we need to stop this cycle of madness!

The awful truth there are more drug dealers in the us than there are dentists

Everything is out of control. Let the doctors for their job, treat the patient s! So why not give them pain medication? Dignatas, after careful screening, alows the patient in intractable pain legal physician prescribed suicide access.

Opiate overdose is the listed cause of death of many intended deaths to escape from the constant pain. If we are not allowed access to the medications that works for quality of life, at least let me have SOME legal action left open.

I see more action being taken to dismantle our quality of life, than to strengthen monitoring of our meds…not that the government should have any part of my medical treatments.

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Is this the law now? And last but not least, no definitely not least at all…. And funding the illegal drug trade? My RA pain has been unusually strong this week due to a fall I took Sunday.

I use between vicodins per month. Another win by the federal government! In the last month I know of four people daughter of best friend, guy I went to high school with, and two kids my son went to high school with who died of a heroin overdose.

They are NOT dying from heroin. They are all dying from fentanyl. Other countries are committing acts of terrorism and no one is picking up on it. Drug dealers should be charged with murder. That is why they go after doctors. Our idiot DEA and politicians are rounding up doctors though most of these people actually died from street drugs NOT prescribed medicine.

No surprise to me! Yes, the CDC at work. He agreed on all points, yet his hands are tied. However alcoholic is not a medication that helps lessen pain. No one really needs it. On the other hand, there are literally millions who are in severe pain every day and need pain medication to make their lives less miserable.

Look at the chronic pain message boards on Facebook. The topic of opiods is certainly not black and white. People who really need this medication should have access and monitoring.

This is a sticky wicket…and I believe one to avoid at all costs, perhaps even the cost of uncontrolled pain. I know this seems harsh, but we have so little control, and to be willing to sacrifice your only real control of being true to yourself and being a person who chooses to live within the law seems like such a huge part of ourselves to hang on to.

Illegal drug use helps justify all that the opponents to our need for appropriate care have been saying, as does overdosing to commit suicide! I know what being denied pain medication feels like, and what it can do physically to our bodies.

And worse, you are sacrificing your own moral beliefs to do this! Please consider this if you are tempted to go that route or if you already are on that path.More tornadoes happen in the United States than anywhere else in the world, and unfortunately we have seen a tremendous amount of tornado activity in this country in recent years.

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Carmen begins a new. Truth is, dentists are trained to administer anesthetics which help them do their job while inflicting as little pain on patients as possible while examining patients' teeth and mouth tissue to . “I’d say there might be a real danger of totalitarianism lurking about, but the danger is more pronounced from the right than it is from the left.” Benign totalitarianism has been a part of the progressive, therapeutic state since Woodrow Wilson.

The awful truth is that many of us have got caught up in the unreal world of speculative finance. It started back in , when Margaret Thatcher presented a vision of society in . In the case of drugs, there is another factor that is never mentioned, which is that among the media and elite liberals there has been more than a little use of the same substances for which they are willing to send the less prominent to prison.

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