Technology use in the classroom

Use the following rules to give students the freedom to use these new tools without abusing the privilege.

Technology use in the classroom

WhatsApp Technology includes physical and process applied science that can be incorporated into a project. You might be familiar with most of these technologies.

Use of computers in the classroom: Computers have evolved and they have changed they way the look and the way they function.

Now days we have both desktop computers and portable computers commonly known as notebooks or laptops. New technologies have also emerged and birthed some new computer related gadgets like the iPad or Galaxy tablet.

10 Extensions to Keep Your Classroom Devices Secure

These computers can be used by teachers to assign work to students and study groups in a classroom. Also teachers can use computers to illustrate visual related subjects which help students to learn easily.

Modern computers come with installed applications which can help students study well. For example, students can use internet explorer to search the internet, they can use word processing application to write notes.

Creating class websites and blogs: It is very easy to create a website or blog using WordPress or any other content management software. Teachers can create class blogs were they post assignments.

If the school has no website sever to host these class blogs, the teacher can use free website hosting services like wordpress.

Via these platforms, the teacher will create a blog under a sub domain of that host. It is very easy to manage and post data to a blog, because they have simple HTML editors.

Technology use in the classroom

Use of digital microphones in the classroom: Big classrooms are characterized by endless noise, so teachers can resort to these wireless digital microphones. The microphone will transmit the voice to the loud speakers and every student will hear their teacher clearly.

This helps the teacher not to strain their voice while trying to explain points to their students. These digital microphones are not too expensive so even a small income generating school can manage to buy a wireless microphone for every classroom.

Also students can use the same microphone when asking questions to their teachers in class, or when they are explaining a subject to their fellow students during a classroom debate. Use of mobile devices:"If we Teach Today as we Taught Yesterday, then we Rob our Children of Tomorrow"-- John Dewey Integrating Technology in the Classroom by .

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The use of technology in the classroom eliminates the need for face to face time with teachers. The absence of a teacher, it is possible that students may take the lessons less seriously especially since there is no supervision. Empower student creativity with affordable and accessible technology.

The past three years have seen a sea change in the use of technology in special education.


The introduction of the iPad, followed by numerous other tablets, has put technology into the hands of students in a way unprecedented in the years before. The tablets have succeeded so quickly in part because. Home > Technology in the Classroom Center > Archives. TECHNOLOGY ARCHIVES Current Articles eBooks in School Libraries Part 2: Digital Ethics At Dorman High School [in Spartanburg School District 6, Roebuck, SC], I try to find ways to work discussion of digital ethics into the collaborative lessons that happen in the library.

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