Sewing machine needles

Organizing needles with DIY needle drawers January 24, 49 This is the sad situation that had grown on my sewing table. A teeny little drawer overflowing with needles, needles, needles. In addition to the black contact paperI used a white paint pen, some slide boxes, and permanent double sided tape. The rest is easy to figure out.

Sewing machine needles

By Threads magazine Nov 06, Standard needles Learn to recognize the many types of standard, decorative, and special-purpose machine needles. Discover what each is best for, and how to troubleshoot problems. Standard needles The configuration of these needles is based on the particular fabric to be sewn.

Safest needle choice for most fabrics. Has slightly rounded point and elongated scarf to enable almost foolproof meeting of needle and bobbin hook. When fabric is not Sewing machine needles woven, consider needle specifically suited to fabric.

For example, size 18 universal needle works on heavy denim, but size 18 jeans needle works better. Ballpoint and stretch needles Uses: Ballpoint needle for heavier, looser sweater knits; stretch needle for highly elastic fabrics, like Spandex, or Lycra.

Both have rounded points that penetrate between fabric threads rather than pierce them. Stretch-needle point is slightly less rounded than ballpoint. If ballpoint skips stitches, try stretch needle.

Needle Sizes

Microtex and sharp needles Uses: Sewing microfiber, silk, synthetic leather; precisely stitching edges; and heirloom sewing. Has an acute point. Excellent for sewing natural leather. Has slight cutting point almost like an arrowhead.

Most synthetic leathers require Microtex or sharp needle. Denim jeans needle Uses: For heavyweight denim, duck, canvas, upholstery fabrics, artificial leather, and vinyl.

Has deeper scarf, acute point, and modified shaft to sew without pushing fabric down into needle-plate hole. Goes through fabric and meets bobbin hook better on dense woven fabrics. If stitches skip when sewing very heavy fabrics, try larger needle and sew more slowly or walk needle through fabric by turning hand crank.

Sewing machine needles

Enables easier threading for sewers with vision problems. Universal needle with slip-in threading slot at the eye. Needle works well on woven fabrics, but may occasionally snag knits, so test-sew to check for fabric and needle compatibility. Decorative needles The configuration is designed to wed thread to fabric for surface embellishment.

Has extra-acute point, extra-large eye, and large groove for heavy thread. Use smallest size needle that accommodates your thread to avoid punching large holes in fabric. Machine embroidering or embellishing with decorative thread.

Road-Testing Sewing Needles. A year ago I started hear lots of buzz about different brands of needles and which were the absolute best needles ever made. My curiosity was piqued. I’ve used hand sewing and quilting needles for decades and while there have been a few that I was utterly disappointed with (bending with use into a crescent moon is a problem), I hadn’t yet found any that made my. POINT STYLE and TIP OF THE POINT STYLE: 3~4page: Download(MB/PDF file) Cutting-Point/Small Cutting Point(M) 6page. Sewing Machine Needle Charts Page1 Formoreinformationonsewingmachineneedles,seeGuideline Needle Fabric/Use Sizes Description Ball-point Knits 70/10–.

Has light point neither sharp nor ballpoint and enlarged eye to keep decorative threads from shredding or breaking, and prevent skipped stitches. If thread still shreds on dense or heavily stitched design, use larger size needle or Metallica needle.

Metallic Metafil and Metallica needle Uses: Sewing with decorative metallic threads. Has universal or standard point; large, elongated eye; and large groove to allow fragile metallic and synthetic filament threads to flow smoothly.

Metallic threads are very sensitive to problems in machine: Tiniest burr on thread path or needle can cause problems.

Quilting stippling needle Uses: Piecing, quilting, and stippling. Has special tapered shaft to prevent damaging fabrics when stitching multiple layers. Move fabric smoothly without pulling on needle when free-motion stitching to prevent breaking needle.

Special-purpose needles These needles are used only with front-to-back threading machines with zigzag features.

Hemstitch wing needle Uses:The Singer has the ease-of-use features most sewers would expect from a pricier, more powerful machine: There’s an automatic needle threader, automatic thread trimmer, speed control, top-loading bobbin, and a large sewing surface with an extension table.

Machine needles are designed to break or shear off for the protection of the sewing machine hook mechanism, bobbin case, presser foot, or needle plate. If a needle bends or burrs, do not sew with it.

When a machine needle breaks, it is a warning to check the following: ~The needle . The Universal Sewing Supply stock numbers for the needle listings are always set up with a size in the metric designation.

The metric designation is the thickness in MM. Some machine builders have the needles set up in standard size listings and some in metric size listings.

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Jan 06,  · The needles used in the Sweet Sixteen are industrial needles and do not have this flat piece on the shank. In the diagram below, A represents an industrial sewing machine needle looking down from the top, whereas B is a domestic sewing machine needle from the same angle — note the flat part on the shank.

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