Principles of accounts acc1002x

Chart of accounts, special journals and ledgers Accounting for Elements of Financial Statements Accounting for Cash and Accounts Receivable including the requirement of specific provisioning under FRS 39 Accounting for Merchandise Inventory Accounting for Long-term Assets including introduction to impairment, revaluation and intangible assets Accounting for Liabilities including provisions and contingent liabilities; excluding accounting for long-term liabilities such as bonds and leases Accounting for Shareholders' Equity incorporating the no-par-value shares regime and treasury shares; and including introduction to prior period adjustments under different circumstances. Preparing Financial Statements Preparation of Statement of Financial Position Balance Sheetincluding current-noncurrent classification Preparation of Income Statement portion of Statement of Comprehensive Income including introduction to discontinued operations Preparation of simple Statement of Comprehensive Income confined only to the following Other Comprehensive Income items:

Principles of accounts acc1002x

Pre and Post Course surveys: The mod is said to prepare you for the working world in terms of your behavior and mindset.

It goes through stuff like happiness, communication, limiting beliefs and empathy. Weekly quizzes based on the online lectures are MCQ. There will also be a word Principles of accounts acc1002x based on what you wrote as your commitment at the start of the mod.

Thoughts about the tutor: Just a heads-up though: None unless you read the seminar notes. Compulsory for all students Rating: CS Pass Review 2: This module is supposed to prepare students for the working world by teaching us how our mindset and behaviour should be.

It goes through various skillsets that we are required to learn, such as: The module includes us doing a lot of hands-on work, be it engaging with people during the seminar sessions or trying to use the breathing techniques to concentrate.

Weekly quizzes online and 2 seminars for the whole semester one before recess week and one after recess week. The weekly quizzes are based on the weekly videos that students have to watch. The seminar sessions are about 2 hours long each and students gather face-to-face where Greg and Crystal will try and engage you in all sorts of activities.

There is also a word reflection essay of sorts that require the students to state a problem that they had and, through applying the techniques taught in this module, if they managed to resolve this issue or if it helped them to unlock certain traits in them which they will pursue in the future i.

No tutors for this module since it was a flipped classroom type of module. NIL unless you read the script of the online videos. It teaches you how to self-improve so that you become a better person holistically, some seminar topics include Focus, Awareness, Sensemaking and Resilience.

There is also a word Commitment Challenge essay to complete, which is based on whatever you chose to commit to during the opening workshop. You basically have to weave in the concepts learnt during the seminars and talk about how the seminars have helped to bring you closer to achieving your goal.

Greg and Crystal conducted the workshops together with a group of facilitators from God knows where.PREREQUISITE ACC/ACCX Financial Accounting. As well, it is preferred that students have taken the equivalent of BZ Statistics. terms and standards Monitoring accounts receivable Options Features of Options Calls Puts Option Payoffs Valuation of Options WEEK LECTURE TOPIC TUTORIAL TOPIC 1: Aug Introduction & Overview of.

If you are from other faculties, your course will be ACCX, not this one. AIM • Accounting concepts and principles a. Accounting for Accounts Receivable b. Accounting for Inventory c. Accounting for Long-term Assets d.

Accounting for Liabilities. Learn principles of accounting chapter 11 with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of principles of accounting chapter 11 flashcards on Quizlet. This course introduces the principles of financial accounting and familiarizes students with the financial statements.

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Students will learn to read, understand and use published financial statements for decision‐making. To accomplish this goal, we will develop the fundamentals of each topic.

ACCX, Semester 1/ 2 of 4 The module objectives are: • To understand the basic concepts and principles underlying financial accounting. • To learn the process that results in published financial statements.

• To prepare simple financial statements. • To account for .

Principles of accounts acc1002x

Recommended if: If you are interested in accounting, it is definitely not a bad module to take. It will leave you able to perceive and produce accounting documents with adeptness and alacrity. It will leave you able to perceive and produce accounting documents with adeptness and alacrity.

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