Minerals of balochistan

Balochistan is rich enough in source of producing minerals but too suffers from multiple problems such as healthcare other social problems. Particularly education is one of the biggest problem in Balochistan. The overall literacy rate of Balochistan is 46 percent.

Minerals of balochistan

Renowned Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid recently described the battle in Balochistan as "Pakistan's other war. Below are excerpts from our interview. Balochistan has been the epicenter for regional warfare and rivalries.


How was Balochistan when you were growing up? I grew up in Balochistan during s and '90s. It was a peaceful time for Balochistan as the province recovered from the worst military operation of s, which claimed thousands of Baloch lives.

But we lived in poverty, and a lack of basic facilities. There was also an ongoing realization among the people of my generation that the Pakistani federal government exploited our province's mineral wealth and we received nothing in return.

We did not feel properly represented in any domain of life in Pakistan.

Mica Mining In Balochistan

You worked for a long time in Pakistan, as the youngest bureau chief of Pakistan's leading newspaper Daily Times for five years. You lived in Balochistan and filed many stories on pressing issues for several years. Can you tell us about your experience working as a journalist in Pakistan?

Working as a journalist in Balochistan is different from working elsewhere in Pakistan. One feels like the very news organizations that you work for sides with the federal government by default. Balochistan is Pakistan's largest province, but it receives the least amount of editorial space in the mainstream national media.

Minerals of balochistan

Editors censor the stories filed by Balochistan-based correspondents under the pretext of "national security. After all the years working and reporting in Pakistan, what made you flee to the United States?

I did not flee to the United States. While I worked here on my fellowship and regularly wrote about the conflict in Balochistan, the Pakistani government officially blocked The Baloch Hal, Balochistan's first online English language newspaper, which I had founded in Meanwhile, several Baloch journalists were killed by Pakistani authorities.

The ban on my newspaper and the killing of fellow journalists in Balochistan alerted me that my life could also be at risk if I returned to Balochistan.

I had received death threats when I was in Balochistan inbut I never thought that someone would be stupid enough to kill a journalist only because they didn't like a news story.

But now when I turn back and recount the number of plus reporters who have been killed in Balochistan, I realize that killing of journalists has unfortunately become a nightmarish reality of our profession in Balochistan.

I have heard the Pakistani government is ruthless when it comes to censorship in Balochistan. The government banned your website The Baloch Hal in What exactly is the government trying to hide about Balochistan?Mineral Potential of Kirthar Basin (Balochistan Province) Kirthar Basin includes mineral commodities like Coal, Iron, Fluorite, Sulphur, Building stones, Decorative stones, Marble, Celestite, etc.

Coal: It occur in areas of Sonda, Lakhra, Thatta, Indus east, Badin, Meting-Jhimpir, Jeruck-Ongar, Badin and Thar, which is one of the largest coalfields of world.3/5(2). MINING IN BALOCHISTAN Mahmood Siddiqui & Uzma Mahmood Current mining activity for metallic and nonmetallic minerals at several places in Balochistan and Mining in Balochistan Monday, May 20, - Pakistan has proven reserves of metallic minerals, i.e.

copper, gold, silver, chromites, iron, lead and zinc, which are still untapped. Balochistan is the richest province of Pakistan which cover 47% of land masses.

Minerals of balochistan

Balochistan is rich enough in source of producing minerals but too suffers from multiple problems such as . Aside from coal, natural gas, gold, copper, uranium, iron and various other well-known minerals, it also contains deposits of lead, zinc, chromite, gypsum, and limestone amongst others.

Natural gas In , Balochistan was contributing nearly 56% to Pakistan’s total output of natural gas, but by its shares had dropped to %, and that same year it consumed only % of the country’s total output.

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