Mfa photography thesis

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Mfa photography thesis

The New York Film Academy MFA photography program provides a creative setting in which to develop, challenge, and inspire the talents of prospective photographers in a totally immersive, professional environment. By combining seminars and lectures with intense, hands-on classes, students acquire a sound understanding and appreciation of still photography and learn to integrate knowledge and professional experience.

Mfa photography thesis

At NYFA, students engage with a diverse international student body and a core faculty of working professionals. The MFA in Photography includes visits to museums, galleries, and studios, along with guest lectures and critiques by photographers, artists, and curators.

The photography school embraces all lens-based media, offering a unique curriculum that includes digital and film-based photography.

After the first year, students personalize their own programs with a variety of electives. Upon graduation of the MFA in Photography degree program, students will demonstrate: Comprehensive knowledge of digital and film cameras and optics from 35mm to large format.

In-depth experience with a wide range of digital and photochemical image creation, processing, and printing techniques. Expertise in contemporary business practices. A comprehensive awareness of and expertise in lighting.

Mastery of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Comprehensive knowledge of the history of photography, aesthetics, and technology. Comprehension of advanced aesthetic and technical theories of photography, and experience with their practical application.

The ability to work independently and collaboratively in a high-pressure creative environment. Technical excellence and conceptual depth in the production of final graduation exhibition work and portfolio of images.

The ability to articulate in verbal and written form the key technical, formal, and conceptual ideas in their creative work and the work of others. The photography faculty is committed to MFA photography students and their futures as successful image-makers. Through demanding, hands-on coursework, instructors help students keep pace with technological change and push them to excel in all the skills needed to compete in the marketplace.

NYFA provides a unique setting for the development of both creative vision and technical proficiency necessary for a career as a photographer. The MFA Photography program supports aesthetic exploration in all forms of lens-based media and promotes academic enquiry through research, recognizing the importance of critical analysis and writing to both comprehend and create a cohesive body of work.

Throughout the program, this combination provides a stringent forum allowing students to develop their technical skills and artistic identities. MFA photography students are encouraged to think beyond convention and apply what they have learned to their creative work.

They work intensively with available and artificial lighting on a wide variety of assignments. Art direction and design elements are employed to create distinctive visual styles. Expanding their repertoire of techniques with light and shadow, students work with professional strobe lighting and grip hardware as well as inexpensive and unconventional practical sources of light.

MFA Photography students solidify their work with DSLRs shooting portraiture, landscape, product and architecture both in studio and on location.

Explore and develop a personal visual style. Understand basic color management and be able to output accurate prints to modern inkjet printers.

Recognize the characteristics of light and make creative use of basic lighting tools and camera positions. Refine creative lighting skills through the use of conventional and unconventional sources. Demonstrate working knowledge of DSLRs. Apply digital darkroom skills using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Understand and apply theories of aesthetics, semiotics, design, composition, and color. Conceive, shoot, and edit a body of fine art work. Demonstrate the critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate images. Examine and discuss the work of seminal visual artists from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Master of Arts in Photography Admission requirements To be considered for admission to the MFA program in photography and related media, candidates must fulfill the following requirements: Complete a graduate application.
MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Thesis Exhibition 2018 The New York Film Academy MFA photography program provides a creative setting in which to develop, challenge, and inspire the talents of prospective photographers in a totally immersive, professional environment.
MFA PHOTO VIDEO What is a Thesis?
MFA Photography Thesis Exhibition - Post-Truth - The New School The program explores digital image-making as a force and it is designed as a practice-based and process-oriented program.

Demonstrate the ability to pre-visualize an image and realize it through lighting and photographic techniques. In post-production, MFA photography students move beyond basic color and tone correction into sophisticated compositing methods, dynamic range extension, and advanced retouching and masking techniques.Additionally, a thesis screening, featuring time-based works, will show on Monday, June 25, and Tuesday, June 26, at the SVA Theatre, West 23rd Street, New York City.

For 30 years, MFA Photography, Video, and Related Media has been known for .

Mfa photography thesis

The MFA Photography program prepares students to become practicing artists and scholars who redefine the creative role of photography within contemporary culture. The program challenges students to move beyond current paradigms, anticipating and setting trends rather than following them.

Explore the. Opening Reception: August 24, PM. POST-TRUTH is an exhibition of thesis work from the Parsons MFA Photography program class of Works include photographs, computer-generated imaging, 3D imaging and printing, video, and installation pieces.

The MFA program in photography and related media emphasizes a broad interpretation of photography as a conceptual art form, with the intention of inspiring and nurturing the individuality of each student as a creative, productive artist. The program encourages graduate study in photography and related media as a means to personal, aesthetic, intellectual, and career.

MFA theses submited to the Pratt Libraries need to be accompanied by appropriately formatted Title and Signatures pages. Click on links below to view samples. MFA thesis options.

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