Legal research paper topics

Decriminalization of Domestic Violence Russia decriminalized nonaggravated battery in July of and made it an administrative offense punishable by a fine or detention. However, repeated battery and battery committed against close relatives remained punishable under the Criminal Code. Russia amended the Criminal Code once again in February of and removed the provision regarding assaulting close relatives from the article on nonaggravated battery. As a result, violence committed against family members has also been made an administrative offense.

Legal research paper topics

These categories break down further into more specific areas of the law including: One topic that has received significant news coverage in recent months is immigration. The author starts from the idea that our nation began with an influx of immigrants who came here in order to practice their religion in freedom.

Even today, churches, temples and mosques remain a major institutional point of entry for immigrants. The Writing Center has tools to help you find a topic, craft your thesis statement and write an outline. You can use the on-board tools to highlight passages, take notes and cite your sources.

Each project can be stored in a folder and retrieved easily.

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Legal resources for your term paper Sites that house resources and research related to the law include: Animal legal defense fund: Founded in the ALDF fights to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. The case studies place students in the roles of lawyers and policy makers and teach fundamental lawyering skills such as investigating facts, counseling, and resolving ethical dilemmas.

The ABA seeks to improve the legal profession, eliminate bias and enhance diversity and advance the rule of law throughout the U. Located at Syracuse University The Center distributes bulletins, research reports, articles, information packages and other materials on a broad range of topics related to integration or inclusion for people with disabilities.

Links to legal blogs; ask questions and receive answers from attorneys. This discussion board contains threads related to topics such as consumer issues, criminal law and employment. Scan the discussions for answers or pose your own question for discussion. Find information about employment and human resource management law by state.

Allows users to obtain case and docket information online from federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts. Learn more about legal issues at Questia where you can read full-text books and articles on thousands of topics. What legal topics are you interested in learning more about?

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Tell us about them in the comments below. Topic ideas for your research paper You might also like.The Top 20 Best Business Law Term Paper Ideas Business law refers to the body of law that applies to business entities such as corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships.

Business law has been a rich source of research and . Areas of Law Questia, your online research library and paper writing resource, contains thousands of scholarly articles and books in the Areas of Law.

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Because the legal system is in reference to every part of societal involvement, it is divided into areas of practice that attorneys, plaintiffs, prosecutors, and judges can identify for a case.

5 Interesting Research Paper Topics on Health and the Environment You can research environmental or health topics ranging from small, local and regional topics to large, global issues.

For instance, you might research the best practices of sustainable cities to explain how your own city might work to emulate them. A gateway to online resources, including federal, state, and international health law, health law topics, legal and medical journals and newsletters, legal and medical agencies and organizations, and relevant discussion groups.

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Legal research paper topics

Essay Topics Examples Complete Essay Help. Legal Research Paper Series NON HUMAN ANIMALS AND THE LAW: A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ANIMAL LAW RESOURCES AT THE STANFORD LAW LIBRARY By Rita K. Lomio and J. Paul Lomio.

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