Inaccuracy and prejudice in what is great about america by dinesh dsouza

To me, there could not be a better sign that America has left behind its racist past. We are now approaching what may be termed "the end of racism. If we appreciate the significance of our current moment, we are driven to an ironic but rational conclusion:

Inaccuracy and prejudice in what is great about america by dinesh dsouza

I'm writing here to see if we can't get a more rigorous definition of atheism. My contention with the current definition is two-fold: It defines atheism as a philosophy 2. In terms of number 1, what is the justification for characterizing atheism as a philosophy?

Atheism as defined by the dictionaries I've seen is stated as the disbelief in the existence of god swhich means it is simply a rejection of theism. Therefore, atheism is only the negative space defined by theism. This is just as much of a doctrine of philosophy as being non-Hindu or a non-astrologer.

Inaccuracy and prejudice in what is great about america by dinesh dsouza

I doubt people would claim these as philosophies. Please correct me if I'm misunderstanding this.

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For number 2, I refer back to number 1. Atheism is defined by not believing in god s. By bringing attention to the fact that some atheists "affirm the nonexistence of gods", it not only I think overrepresents "strong atheism" as the article defines it, which I think may be much rarer than weak atheism although unfortunately I have not seen any data on itbut it is definitionally included in the phrase "rejects theism".

In the interest of succinctness I believe "affirms the nonextistence of gods" should be removed. I am not confident enough to edit the article as of yet, so I welcome any feedback about this topic. I think rejecting theism still counts as a "view" in some sense. We include the "rejection of belief" definition.

Plenty of dictionaries contain the "doctrine that gods do not exist" as a separate definition, so we include that too.

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We say nothing about how common strong atheism is too, due to a lack of reliable sources. Also, just because strong atheism is a subset of the broader definition doesn't mean it should be ignored - the point is that someone using the strong atheism definition wouldn't include weak atheists, thus it is a separate definition of the word.

I often hear "atheism is as much a religion as not collecting stamps is a hobby". However, there are, by other definitions, atheists who reject God but believe in other supernatural or spiritual concepts. There are several definitions, and they should all be explained.

I agree with Mdwh's explanation for keeping both definitions of atheism as separated. So I'll happily retract my sentiment there. I'm also in agreement that atheism should be understood as a view, but characterizing that view as philosophical puts the burden of proof on those who agree with that characterization.

I suppose that hypothetically any view can be ascribed with a philisophical nature if you find the view in some philosophical context.

But that would render the characterization moot and unnecessary. But then again, I'm not even sure what the term "philosophical view" means, or even if it differs from a "philosophy". So, certainly more clarification is needed from those who would like to keep the definition as is.

See here for the discussion of when we first added the term "As a philosophical view". It stemmed from the idea that most philosophical encyclopedias agree to some degree on the definition.

Inaccuracy and prejudice in what is great about america by dinesh dsouza

My World Book Encyclopedia does not use the word "philosophical". The Encyclopedia Britannica distinctly avoids using the word "philosophy" in the introductory defining sentence, and only mentions it later to show the role of atheism in historical philosophy.

Ancient Greek philosophers such as Democritus and Epicurus argued for it in the context of materialism. In the 18th century David Hume and Immanuel Kant This gives no credence to the idea that atheism is intrinsically a philosophical view.This is an archive of past discussions.

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Correcting Misinformation Posted by The Dartmouth Review on March 31, in Dartlog, Photo Slider | 5 Comments | A A A In one of the more memorable anecdotes from last term’s “What’s So Great About America” debate, an audience member questioned Dinesh D’Souza about The Dartmouth Review ’s record on gay rights in the early s.

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By Greg Hunter On October 21, In Weekly News Wrap-Ups Comments. Let’s make America great again and Vlad, too. Various contemporary agnostics like Carl Sagan and theists such as Dinesh DSouza have criticised atheism for being an unscientific position, oxford Professor of Mathematics John Lennox holds that atheism is an inferior world view to that of theism, and attributes to C.

S. Neither Content Nor Character Mises Review 1, No. 4 (Winter ) THE END OF RACISM: PRINCIPLES FOR A MULTIRACIAL SOCIETY Dinesh D'Souza The Free Press, , xi + pp.

GOP racist, top-thinker Dinesh D`Souza calls Obama `Grown-Up Trayvon`