Cougar essay

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Cougar essay

Skip to main content Skip to navigation Specific kinds of tests Tests can come in multiple forms, like essay tests, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and more.

Learn more about the types Cougar essay exams, strategies for how to read different types of questions, and tips for how to efficiently complete your exam below.

Fill-in-the-blank Fill-in-the-blank exam items contain statements which you must complete by inserting information into blank spaces. Required responses are usually very specific ones that involve information pertaining to dates, persons, events, places or definition of terms.

There are two forms of fill-in-the-blank exams. One form is similar to a matching exam in that you are given the information you need to fill in the blank; you need only recognize where the information fits.

The other is more difficult because you are not given information from which to choose. Here you must recall, rather than recognize, information to fill in the blanks.

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Look for clues in the incomplete statements The exam item may help you remember Cougar essay you need to complete it or contain clues that lead you toward the correct response.

For instance, whatever you write in the blank space must match the verb singular, pluraltense, past, present, futureand gender male, female of the item.

Examine the length of the blank space Exam writers often consider the length of a response when inserting the blank spaces. Use this as a clue to the length of your response. For instance, a three-inch blank space obviously requires more of a response than a single short word.

Reread each statement with your response. The statement must make sense. If not, it is incorrect; reconsider what you inserted in the blank space. Matching exams In matching exams, you are primarily required to recognize relationships between things. You might be asked to match such things as terms and their definitions.

Check to see if the items in either column can be used more than once This is a particularly important step when the columns each contain the same number of terms. If some items can be used more than once, it is critical for you to know that other items will not be matched at all.

Make all the matches that you are sure of first This lessens the number of items that you must concentrate on. In addition, you may begin to see a pattern of relationship within the items that will make it easier to make other matches.

The guides provided are for common self-help tasks. If you still need assistance with Cougar Courses, email [email protected] Remember our prompt for the Cougar Writing Camp expository essay. You need to draft a complete essay using all of your prewriting and the notes that you have taken so far. You should have four paragraphs: an introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Cougar Guides are responsible for leading and mentoring a small group of new students through the entire SIUE Experience program. This includes but is not limited to: team building, serving as a role model, facilitating educational modules and other provided content, creating connections among students, and providing ongoing personal .

Look at each match to make sure that it is a sensible one Ask yourself if the two items really go together. If not, look for a better match.

If the directions are not clear, ask the instructor to clarify them. Return to skipped items. Eliminate certain alternatives With a four-choice-per-item multiple-choice test, the odds are one in four that you could guess right.

If you can eliminate two alternatives, your guessing odds improve to Be sure to answer every question Even if you are not sure of an answer, you may be right.

If you skip a question it is automatically wrong.Cougar Guide Application. Essay Questions. DIRECTIONS.

Cougar essay

All applicants for the Cougar Guide position must answer question #1. You must also answer two additional questions of your choice. Answers must be typed on this form and should be between words per question.

When you are finished, save this document as [Last name, First name. Oct 15,  · OVER the transom the other day came an urgent “Cougar Alert”: There is a new book out, and this one distinguishes the real cougar, a confident, .

The following report is going to be about the cougar. I chose the cougar because a friend told me it was an interesting animal so I wanted to research it. You will be learning about the way the cougar lives its life, what it looks like and other facts.3/5(2). Cougar Queries is a series profiling BYU employees by asking them a few simple questions about their work, interests and life.

Today we meet Michelle Forstrom, assistant to the Dean of Students. Character. Cougars Case Essay Investment Management Case 1 COUGARS TEAM8: Kun Mao Xiaobin Yang Ruoxi Cao Yang Qiao Jing Liu Riskless zero-coupon bond is the bond bought at a price lower than its face value, with the face value repaid at .

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Cougar essay
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