Buod ng rama at sita

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Buod ng rama at sita

Yuddha Kanda is one of the major episodes in the great epic Ramayana which starts after the Sundara Kanda.

Buod ng rama at sita

The Setu Bandha or the Adam's Bridge construction over the ocean to reach Lanka has been well-described in this episode. Every one belonging to the army of Rama contributed their lot in the construction of this bridge and once the construction was completed they marched towards Lanka.

This episode also speaks about the fight of Rama and Lakshmana against Indrajit in which the two brothers were injured by Indrajit. The heroic endeavor of Hanuman along with other monkeys Buod ng rama at sita also been described in this Kanda where Hanuman kills several rakshasas.

There is also the mention of Kumbhakarna, one of the brothers of Ravana who also fought with Rama and was killed. The death of Indrajit has also been narrated in this episode along with the death of Ravana and the victory of Rama. Vibhishana Leaves Lanka After Hanuman burned half of Lanka and returned to Rama with the message of Sitathe demon king Ravana called a council and discussed about the destructive works done by Hanuman in Lanka and also that Rama was preparing for an attack of Lanka.

Thus, he discussed about the means to protect the city of Lanka. His generals advised him to entrust the battle to Prince Indrajitwhile others, such as PrahastaNikurribha, and Vajrahanu, said that they would alone swallow up the monkey army. Vibhishanayounger brother of Ravana, advised another course.

He said that force can only be resorted to when other means have failed viz. He said that death can result from a conflict with Rama, who was self-controlled and vigilant, and strong with the might of all the gods.

He advised his brother to surrender Sita to Rama and end the probability of such a tremendous deadly combat, but Ravana dismissed his brother angrily, and boasted that he would hold Sita.

Ravana again took counsel with his generals for war, but again Vibhishana opposed him, till Ravana cursed him angrily as cowardly and treasonable. Then Vibhishana deemed it to be enough to bear such insults, and rising into the air with his four personal followers passed through the sky over the sea and came to the monkey host, and announced himself as come to make alliance with Rama.

The monkey leaders, however, put little faith in a rakshasa, even if he were not in the guise of a spy; but Rama spoke fairly with him, and engaged, in return for his assistance in the war, to set him on the throne of Lanka when Ravana should have been slain.

Adam's Bridge Rama, Hanuman and Sugriva took counsel with Vibhishana of how to cross the ocean, and he deemed that Rama should seek the aid and the friendship of the Ocean for the building of a bridge. Rama was informed by the ocean that he could construct a bridge over it to reach Lanka.

All the monkeys followed the orders of Nala and gathered trees and rocks and brought them from the forests to the shore, and set them in the sea. The first day fourteen leagues were covered and on the fifth day the bridge was finished, broad, elegant, and firm and the monkeys along with Rama, Lakshmana, Sugriva and Vibhishana crossed over it for Lanka.

Lanka Besieged The dreadful omens of war showed themselves as the earth shook, the clouds rained blood, and a fiery circle fell from the sun. But the monkeys roared defiance at the rakshasas, whose destruction was neared.

Then Rama, beholding Lanka towering up to pierce the heavens, constructed by Lord Vishwakarmawrought, as it were, of mind rather than matter, hanging in the sky like a bank of snow-white clouds, was downcast at the thought of Sita prisoned there, but he arrayed the host of monkeys and besieged Lanka.

The spies of Ravana brought news to their Lord about the arrival of Rama and Lakshmana accompanied by Sugriva, Hanuman, a large monkey army and Vibhishana.

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However, Ravana tried his best to betray Sita of his will by telling her lies that he had killed Rama and Lakshmana but he could not become successful in that. Lord Rama Wounded The four rakshasa followers of Vibhishana had spied on Lanka and were aware of the disposition of the forces of Ravana.

Rama laid blockaded the four gates of Lanka by establishing the monkey Nila at the eastern gate, guarded by the rakshasa general Prahasta; Hanuman at the southern gate, guarded by Prince Indrajit; Angada at the western gate, guarded by Mahaparshwa: Rama sent Angada as an envoy to Ravana, to challenge him to the fight; but Ravana, not giving due respect to an envoy, would have slain him; but Angada sprang away and broke the palace roof, and returned to Rama.

Then the monkeys proceeded forward and swarmed about the walls, flooding the moat and striking terror into the hearts of the rakshasas; scaling parties climbed the walls and battered down the gates with trees and stones.

A fierce battle took place between the monkeys and the rakshasas while the rakshasas waited for the evening since night was the time of strongest might for the rakshasas.

When night fell, the demons devoured the monkeys by thousands and then the monkeys retaliated and Indrajit was beaten back.

But the son of Ravana, by taking the help of his magic, became invisible and aimed deadly arrows to Rama and Lakshmana. While fighting in a crooked ways, Indrajit bounded the two brothers so fast that they fell helpless to the ground, covered with a thousand wounds.

Arrival of Garuda While Sugriva, Hanuman, Vibhishana, and all the leaders of the monkeys stood round about the wounded Rama and Lakshmana, a stormy wind rose lashing the sea and shaking the very mountains, and suddenly the monkeys saw that Garuda was sailing through the air like a flaming fire.Full text of "Na kurczącym się skrawku i inne zapiski z kwartalnym opoźnieniem" See other formats.

Jan 29,  · Inihahandog ng Pangkat 2 ng Grade 9 Diamond ng Bingawan National High School ang isang Informance (Information at Performance) tungkol sa epikong Rama at Sita. Buod Ng Rama At Sita  Lord Rama Lord Rama also known as Sri Ramchandra (Moon-Like Gentle Rama), Paraga (uplifted Of the Poor) and many more is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu (one of the trinity god, the preserver), the central figure of the epic Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas, in which Lord Rama is beautifully portrayed.

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Summary. King Priam ruled in the wealthy, fortified city of Troy. Rama and Sita and Buddha About Greek Mythology Summary and Analysis: Greek Mythology. Sunday, December 13, Arguing with a Non-Catholic. Rama at Sita: isang kabanata sa epiko ng India / Salin ni Rene O.

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