Architectural thesis on heritage conservation

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Architectural thesis on heritage conservation

Architectural Conservation Hi Prathyaksha Firstly i would advice you to know the basics of conservation, to know the differences between a heritage site and a heritage building Choose your site depending on the following, 1.

Connectivity both in visual and transportation and 3. Its historical importance more the importance, more reason for you to select it. Then, always keep track of your Time. Few of the reused heritage buildings i suggest you to see in chennai is The Fort Museum and Senate House.

Last but not the least, know the history of chennai and the architecture that prevailed during that time Indo-Saracenic Architecture. Wishing you all the very best. Architectural Conservation Prathyaksha, Further to my post of July 8, I must have missed your answering post.

As I wrote in my original post, conservation must come first before opening up any heritage site to the general public. Because unfortunately, heritage sites are usually in neglected places which have little or no income from the outside.

I say unfortunately, because when a heritage site is rescued and conserved then it becomes a magnet for tourists and then the local people tend to use the heritage site as a money-making business, so that parts of the heritage site could be destroyed to make room for carparks and hotels.

Therefore, an important part of any overall design for conserving or restoring any heritage site must be to keep both masses of people and vehicles away from the conserved buildings and away from the ground surrounding the conserved buildings.

A simple way of doing this would be to place either bollards or low walls around the heritage site to prevent vehicles from getting too near and the heritage site should have a Primary or Golden Rule that no part of the site is to be modifed or demolished to make way for any carpark or hotel.

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Frank John Snelling Thesis: Architectural Conservation Hi, my name is malvika, I am in the 9th semester of b. I want to take up a thesis topic related to architectural conservation too.

One of the topic that came into my mind was the revival of step wells in nagpur district. I have read about the step wells of gujarat and they seem to b very interesting for the case studies, bt I am stuck on the design aspect. I would like to have some suggestions as how should I proceed with this topicand how can I incorporate designing elements in this topic.

Architectural Conservation Malvika, you should consider the differences between the purposes of preservation, conservation and restoration, because they do not mean the same thing. Frank John Snelling Ok. Can you tell me some methods of conservation for a heritage building?

Architectural Conservation Avani, "What are the methods of conservation? And the reason why I advocate not allowing modern vehicles near any conserved building is because the vibrations from such mechanised ground traffic were more than likely not catered for in the original design.

For example, I am sure that most people would not like the road outside their home to be used upon a regular basis by heavy battle tanks, because such vibrations will cause cracks in the walls and may collapse your home.

Architectural thesis on heritage conservation

And another example is the damage done to buildings by noise vibration from low-flying aircraft near airports.Implementing Preventive Architectural Conservation: Do Historic Property Stewards in A thesis in Historic Preservation Presented to the Faculties of the University of Pennsylvania in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Degree of Conservation Assessment Program (Heritage Preservation)..

III. Recommendations for Action. Architectural conservation Heritage In post-independence phase Architectural Thesis Manual. Uploaded by. Troy Jim. Thesis Synopsis for a Design School.

Uploaded by. Chaitanya KK. ournal of Architectural Conservation. Uploaded by. Ouahid Abdouh. Presentation on indian Pol Housing.5/5(14). Browsing Architecture Dissertations and Theses by Subject " Architectural Heritage and Conservation".

The Master of Architecture (Professional) and Heritage Conservation (MArch(Prof)HerCons) will give you a sound platform for the realities of contemporary practice.

The Doctorate Course in Preservation of the Architectural Heritage, first held at Milan-based for the conservation of architectural surfaces.

Protocols for monitoring the state of preservation of domain of cultural heritage for the thesis research, candidates thus have the opportunity to address. The practice of Heritage Conservation in the context of the regular practice of architecture has either been largely misunderstood or, at worse, regarded as architecture with an outdated twist.

Architectural thesis on heritage conservation
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