A turning point in a person

History Turning Point will empower and transform the body, mind and spirit of individuals who are living with a serious or chronic physical illness and their family and friends.

A turning point in a person

This blog is a resource for people seeking addiction and recovery information and inspiration, and the latest Turnbridge news and events. Discovering Your Turning Point A recent study recorded that one in every ten drug addicts has been to rehab at least five times before achieving abstinence.

It is no wonder, then, why so many addicts and their families grow frustrated with the promise of rehabilitation. After experiencing the heartbreak of a drug relapse, it is especially hard to believe that recovery is possible.

It is hard to trust that there is such a thing as recovery at all. The fact is, recovery from drug addiction is undeniably achievable. Each time we challenge our addiction, we challenge ourselves; we face a turning point. Resurrecting the past, therefore, should never be the goal of recovery.

At Turnbridgewe focus on the exceptional life beyond addiction. Only then will he learn that he can defeat the problem that nearly defeated him: In between conquering and being conquered, there exists a point of realization: It is this point that begins his journey.

It is here that recovery becomes possible.

A turning point in a person

It is, perhaps, his true turning point. The time in which an addict hits bottom can be the most memorable point of his journey. It could also rest in his steps towards treatment—the courageous act of entering rehabilitation and letting go of his past. For many, their turning point begins in admitting that they have a problem, and that they want to change.

The camaraderie between all the guys has created a big community. This turning point can come about through sober connections that are built while in treatment.

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The fact is, a major necessity in recovery is establishing a support system. Relationships teach social skills, and bring confidence to an individual so that he can socially thrive while sober. It was a big point in my life. I felt like I was actually part of the world again.

It could be from pursuing an education following addiction treatment. It could be from accepting his first job as a sober individual. It could be from making the choice to move forward. At Turnbridge, we believe that the person who became addicted to drugs or alcohol was not yet the best version of himself.

With each struggle, he can choose to turn back to drugs or he can choose to move on. This is his turning point. Our mission is to lead him now down a path towards greatness, where his character will shine and his tenacity will prevail over addiction.Turning Point, community resource of The University of Kansas Health System, is a center: to meet, to listen, to share, to learn, to encourage.

Since your medical needs are being addressed, we focus on the emotional, social and psychological challenges that come along with a serious or chronic illness. There have been many turning points in my life, but the most significant one was when I was eight years old.

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