A rescue at u n headquarters essay

The League of Nations which was established after the First World War failed to deliver the goods. It was wound up. After the Second World War the major nations of the world felt the need for a similar body to maintain peace in the world and the United Nations Organization came into being.

A rescue at u n headquarters essay

The number was increased toby Prime Minister Naoto Kan in the morning of the 13th. From the night of the 11th to the 12th, SDF vehicles arrived with a number of large buses at the town hall parking lot of Okuma, a town near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

A rescue at u n headquarters essay

Unlike the Great Hanshin Earthquake, a tsunami had devastated a wide area on the coast, ranging km from the north to the south. The fire department, the police, and the Japan Coast Guard assembled forces from all over the country in an unprecedented scale; however, in terms of working with an extensive area as such, the SDF had the largest organized manpower in the country, with large and rapid transportation vehicles, aircraft, and ocean vessels.

As a result of the initial response of the SDF, those who were swept out to sea or isolated on the rooftops of buildings were rescued even at night.

In order to rescue people in the cold water as soon as possible, the SDF deployed, in full, the resources which had the capacity to act at night.

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Following this initial rescue, the SDF also played a large part in the relief operation by managing the transport of supplies, providing food, water and bathing assistance, and even moving bodies of the deceased to temporary burial.

It was in charge of transporting supplies from other municipalities to the disaster-affected regions; everyday, over tons of supplies were brought to Matsushima base in Miyagi Prefecture and distributed to evacuation centers by land vehicles and helicopters.

The SDF also worked to resolve the nuclear crisis in Fukushima as well as to rescue tsunami-affected victims: As well, within the km zone, air transport was provided for people who needed help, searches were conducted for people whose whereabouts were unknown following the tsunami, and for people whose evacuations were not completed.

As of May 12th,the total number of people rescued from the disaster of March 11th stood at 14, Asa Gumo newspaper, May 19th, However, my opinion is that the SDF should be reorganized as units that specialize in local, as well as overseas, disaster relief.

In reality, however, such an opinion is in the minority. The idea that disaster relief should be done in a way that does not hinder the mission of national defense is the mainstream thought. The response of the U. Ambassador John Roos, the U. Seventh Fleet, as its core. The relief efforts of the U.

It is because of the criteria set by the U. It required that activities done by the U. Thus, except for a small part, the U. Operations were managed in a way not to extend the danger of radiation to American troops.

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, George Washington, whose homeport is Yokosuka, was kept on standby in the Sea of Japan, which is the opposite side of Japanese archipelago. Why did the U. After Kevin Maher, director of the U.

Two days later, U.

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Then, the earthquake occurred 24 hours after that. The relief activities themselves are urgent and important for the people in the affected area.

However, it is necessary to discuss separately the relief activities done by the U. Beyond emotional episodes of individual relief efforts and of hard efforts to search the deceased, Operation Tomodachi was utilized with the aim of increasing military cooperation between Japan and the United States.

The unprecedented scale of deployment took one step of joint operation between the U. The unit in operation was the 31st Marine Expeditionary Force, which is stationed in the problematic Futenma U.NARRATIVE OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE.

and in which delays resulted in the rescue of her survivors, was in temporary command; and the Operations Officer of the Headquarters Staff, Captain A. M. Granum, U.S.N., was intensively occupied in diversion of shipping in typhoon areas and operations.

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The essay contest rankled the Soviet’s U.N. representatives. The Soviets were famous for using their veto power in the Security Council; they cast 45 vetoes in the first five years of the U.N.

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